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Protect your property and make it safer for your family and pets  

RRP $79.99
(including GST)

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Solar Snake and Rodent Repeller is used very successfully to keep all poisonous snakes and rodents out of dog kennels, stables and your garden/yard.

This is a revolutionary device to drive those unwanted pests out of your yard for good!!!! It does so in a safe, environmentally friend way. It works by transmitting a combination of sound waves and vibrations deep into the earth, which is very sensitive to the keen ear of rodents. It simulates danger to rodent nervous system, resulting in them fleeing away from the coverage area.

TWO on offer today!

The actual product is as seen on pictures

NOTE: the video above is for demonstration purpose only, the actual product is different.

In Australia alone every year countless people have close calls with snakes many are also bitten and thousands loose their valuable pets and other animals to snake bites in Spring and Summer .This Snake Repellers could be the answer that you are looking for to protect your property and make it safer for your family and pets.

NOTE: the video above is for demonstration purpose only, the actual product is different.


  • Completely powered by Solar Energy
  • Easy and safe to use. No Poison, No Chemical
  • Idea pest control device to keep snakes away from your garden or lawns by utilizing both sonic wave sound and vibrationtechnology.


  • Effective Range:625 square meters
  • Frequency: 400Hz
  • Rechargeable battery included: 1.2V 900mAH Ni-MH
  • Solar panel: 2V / 45mA
  • Operation current : 6MA
  • 227mm lenghth aluminium tube

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Solar Snake and Rodent Repeller


  • Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup