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Works while you sleep!  

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Toxins get into your body everyday through foods, drinks and even air.  Leaving the bad substances in your body for a long time will compound the toxins and affect the performance and general wellbeing of your body.  To maintain healthy body and smooth the flow of body system, herbal detoxification is a good option to help you clean the toxins.  It is easy, simple, inexpensive, and generally safe.

How do Detox Foot Pads work?

Detox foot pads work by using the body's reflexology and acupressure points located on the bottom of each foot. The pads stimulate, energize and draw out chemicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body. These points mirror the specific body systems of the biorhythmic network that represents our total state of wellbeing.

By stimulating specific acupressure/reflex points on the soles of the feet, you can detoxify the reflected organs in order to improve your overall health. Detox Foot Pads are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals or animal ingredients.

Note: This product is NOT intended to diagnose or cure any disease or treat any medical conditions.  For external use only.  Do NOT use on open wounds or existing skin conditions.


  • Eliminates toxins through the skin
  • Promotes general wellbeing of the body by absorbing toxins and impurities while you sleep
  • Helps relax muscles and eliminates moisture
  • Helps relieve tiredness
  • May also be applied to other areas of the body
  • 14 patches per pack, 2 Packs on offer today (28 patches total), non re-usable.


Bamboo vinegar, Tree vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Dextrin, Vitamine C, Detox herbal extracts.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Pack of Detox Foot Pads (28 pads in total)


  • Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup
Tags: Detox