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$ 7.98
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Are you looking for an inexpensive and easy way to give your ride an awesome custom "old school" look? Then try wrapping your pipes with exhaust header wrap.

Besides the nice look there is also a chance of increasing your performance a bit.

Wrapping the pipes with the black insulating heat wrap keeps the pipes from radiating heat. This keeps the exhaust gases leaving the engine hotter which improves the flow of the gases out of the pipe.

Keeps the heat that would normally radiate from the pipes off to you, thus decreasing the chance of nasty burns to hands and legs.


  • Universal fitting exhaust wrap
  • Keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system and helps in decreasing exhaust density and increases exhaust flow.
  • Decreases your engine bay temperature.
  • Increases horsepower.
  • Adds protection to your exhaust system.
  • The durable, tight woven, 100% fiberglass wrapping  gives a great clean look for finishing off exhaust headers.
  • Fit For Motorcycles, Muscle Cars, Vintage Cars, Atvs, Go Carts, Street Rods, Hot Rods, Tractor and Lawnmowers, Aviation & Marine, Commercial Trucks Ect, Any With An Exhaust!


  • Material: Composite Fiberglass
  • Temp: 1100°f Continuous, 2100°f Intermittent Heat Treated
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 15m (L) x 5cm (W) x 2mm (D)

Fitting Tips:

For a tighter fit soak the wrap in water before application. This will allow the wrap to stretch slightly so that it can be applied tighter and more evenly than when it is dry. This will soon dry out once the engine is turned on and the exhaust heats up. Soaking heat wrap will also make the wrap easier to work with.

When applying the wrap overlap each pass by 7mm to 12mm to ensure good coverage and heat protection.

For best results use heat-resistant stretch ties to ensure the wrap does not unravel.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 15m Exhaust Header Wrap
  • 10 x Stainless Steel Ties


  • Please allow up to 1-3 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup