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Easily grates cheese, garlic, ginger, coconut, carrot and more  

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Free Ozstock Day: Set of Handy Bowl Grater + Roll 'A' Peel + Gathering Brush
You just pay for the shipping and handling, we will take care of the rest as usual.

The Handy Bowl Grater is an amazing plate that grates cheese, purees, garlic quickly and easily with no mess. The natural flavours and juices stay right in the plate making it perfect for zesting lemons, limes and orange. Also a great baking accessory that can be used to grate chocolate, carrots and even coconut for all your family favourite recipes.

So easy to use that you can't go wrong. Use it side to side, back and forth or round and round for perfect results each and every time. Use the included Gathering Brush to scoop up all your grated foods quickly and conveniently.

The Handy Bowl Grater is made from hard and tempered ceramic that will never dull or rust. Clean up is also a breeze with its triple glaze so nothing will stick to it.

Also included is a Roll 'A' Peel Peeler that takes the hassle out of peeling food such as garlic. Pop in a garlic clove and roll the peeler between your hands for a perfectly peeled piece of garlic leaving your hands free from garlic smell and taking the stress out of food preparation.

The following video is copied from Youtube and contains coarse language and drug references.  No offense intended.  Please do NOT click if you can not handle it.  Copyright of the video belongs to its owner.

This video is for demo only.  The actual product is as seen on our pictures.


  • Handy Bowl Grater, Roll 'A' Peel and Gathering Brush, 3 Piece Set
  • Grates Cheese, Purees Garlic Quickly and Easily
  • Natural Flavours and Juices Stay In The Plate
  • Perfect For Zesting Citrus
  • Great For Baking - Grate Chocolate, Carrot & Coconut
  • Easy to Use
  • Gathering Brush Scoops Food Easily
  • Made From Hard Tempered Ceramic
  • Triple Glazed For Easy Cleaning
  • Roll 'A' Peeler For Hassle Free Peeling of Garlic and More


  • Hard Tempered Ceramic Plate
  • Plastic Roll 'A' Peel
  • Plastic Gathering Brush
  • Bowl Diameter: 12.5cm approx.
  • Package Dimensions: (L x W x H) 16cm x 14cm x 4cm approx.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Handy Bowl Grater
  • 1 x Roll 'A' Peel
  • 1 x Gathering Brush


  • Dispatch in 3-5 working days
  • No pickup
Tags: grater