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This product is especially designed for charging and supplying power for mini Netbooks/Notebooks and digital camera/camcorder etc.  Also t ...

Price: $28.98

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Date: 2010-08-18 02:53:58
Actually the claims made by the advertising of this product and the blurb on the packaging, are a bit misleading. It doesn't automatically "detect" the correct voltage for a product. It's set by plugging in the appropriate connector to the supply. I suspect it's set by a resistor or something else within the connector.

As it comes out of the packaging, it's really only able to charge and/or power netbooks and small notebooks without the extra optional connectors. Aside from the 5V available at its built in USB connector one can't power anything that uses less than 10V or more than 20V. Without optional connectors N6,N9,N11,N12,N13 and N14 it won't connect to some notebooks and without optional connectors N and O, one cant power Apple notebooks. Also without the optional connectors D1-D10 one can't connect to camera or camcorders or other devices unless they use one of the supplied adapters.

None of these connectors is supplied and there doesn't seem to be any way to buy them. In fact one does NOT get 16 of the 24 connectors available for this device.

If one accepts those limitations the power supply itself is quite good and quite good value.
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Date: 2010-08-18 10:27:45
hi peterlc,

thanks for your info and comments.

we have now tried to ask the manufacturer to confirm, will post it here when we hear back from them.

in regards to the connectors, yes you are right, only 8 of the 24 are included, which is sort of listed in the ad somewhere, but we have modified the relevant part (mainly Specifications) to reflect that.

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Date: 2010-08-18 13:20:45
It is certainly a nice unit at a reasonable price, gotta have that sparkly voltage readout.

But I have various projects where I need to set the volts/amps/connector plug size.
Probably buy one and chop up a less used plug and find out how it is sensed, then make an addon switcher box. Maybe I can sell em at Ozstock.
Pity the manufacturer does not seem to do this.
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Date: 2010-08-18 14:58:19
hi again peterlc,

just got a reply from the manufacturer, you are right, it does not "automatically" detect the voltage and amp of the appliances, it only detects the plugs you use and then set to the pre-determined voltage, i guess that is what they mean by "automatic", i agree, it does sound a bit misleading (although we did not intend to do that as we only found out now by investigating your comments), i have revised the ad a bit, hopefully it's less confusing.

we welcome anyone to call or email us if this is a concern to you.

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Date: 2010-08-23 12:01:38
Hi There,

Is there any way to get other connectors? the limited amount of connectors, doesn't really fit too many items, also no D connectors for camcorders come with it.

also shame it detects the voltage from the pin rather then the device, as they might be some devices that have a similar pin but different voltage which could cause a problem.

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