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Got a stain on the white part of a striped shirt?  We've got the answer.  Bleach Pen Bathroom and Kitchen Stain Remover cleans with power and ease, and comes in a convenient, easy to hold tool.  Its dual-tipped applicator has a fine point for precise jobs and a scrub brush for larger ones.  The tool provides excellent on-the-spot stain removal within hand's reach.  You can also target stains directly on tile, grout, caulking and porcelain.  Also works on fabric and garments.

TWO on offer today.

NOTE: This video is only for demonstration purpose, the actual product is slightly different .


  • Broad scrubber
  • Dual tipped
  • Fine point

For stains on:

  • Most surface in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Grout/ Caulking between tiles, sinks and bath tubs
  • White fabric and white areas of garments
  • Tough on stains, work on: Red wine and tea, mold/midew, ketchup/mustard, baby food
  • Laundry:
    Treat stains on white areas of garment. Rub into stain, then wash immediately with an all white load. Do not treat garment while wearing. Not recommended for use on the colored portion of garments, dry-clean-only fabrics and fine fabrics. This includes wool, silk, liner, mohair, leather and spandex. If in doubt about colorfastness, apply small amount of product onto hidden seam. Rinse and let dry. If there is no colourchage, use as directed.
  • Household surface:
    Apply to stains, rub, rinse or wipe clean. Do not use on silver. Avoid prolonged contact on plastic laminate countertops and metal surface, rinse promptly. After use, stains, such as rust, permanent inks and dyes, may be impossible to remove. Do not freeze.
  • NOTE: Read instruction before use.


Directions: Shake before use

  • Unscrew cap on chosen tip, squeeze and apply, Rub with tip, and replace cap after use, Wipe or rinse clean, then repeat if desired
  • Warning: Please test in small area before applying

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Bleanch Pen - Bathroom & Kitchen Stain Remover


  •  1 month


  • Dispatch in 1-2 working days
  • Pickup via appointment only, call 02-9748 0600

FREE Shipping Today: 2x Bleach Pen - Bathroom and Kitchen Dual Tipped Stain Remover

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