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Outgrown your pants or lost some weight?  Norries!  Don't throw away your favourite jeans just because you have gained or lost  a few pounds, Smart Fit Botton them!

The Smart Fit Button lets you instantly add or reduce inches to your pants without any sewing, stitching, or repairing.  It is the newest way to get your pants, jeans, or skirts to fit perfectly when you gained or lost a few pounds.  The Smart Fit Button works great for kids too when they have grown.  Attaching the Smart Fit Button is so easy, anyone can do it.  Just push button through the pants and then apply the special lock fastener from back.  It will work on denim, curdoroy, suede, leather and more.  The Smart Fit Button is removable and adjustable.  So if your waist line changes again, you can remove it and readjust for a perfect fit.  Don't waste hundreds replacing your wardrobe when you can wear your older clothes that don't fit anymore.  With the Smart Fit Button it is like having a personal tailor at hand.

What a smart way to save!

FREE Ozstock Day today, so you just pay for the p&h, we will take care of the rest!

The video is copied from Youtube and for demonstration purpose only.  Actual product is slightly different.


  • Add or reduce waist size
  • Changes waist size instantly
  • Locks firmly in place
  • Squeeze to remove
  • Pants fit perfectly
  • Perfect for suits
  • Perfect for an instant fix
  • Instantly works on denim, curdoroy, suede and leather


Package Includes:

  • 8 x Smart Fit Buttons (assorted colours)


  • Dispatch in 1 to 2 working days
  • No pickup

Free Ozstock Day: 8 x Smart Fit Buttons

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(including GST)
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