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This device is able to duplicate several types of remote control for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, which transmit in frequency 433.92MHz.
Self-learning remote control
Copy most radio fixed code remote controls
Long range
Heavy duty design
Built-in battery
Built in keyboard cover to prevent accidently pressing the button
Mainly apply to car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage door, rolling curtain, etc.
Coding Mode: Fixed and Learning code
Transmitter Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Code Number of Code Combinations: Over 4.29 Billion Random Codes
Button: 4 buttons
Size: 55*30*13*mm
How to program in to the opener:
Hold the button on the transmitter that you would like to store the code in. Whilst holding the button on, press and release the code set button on the opener. The code set light will flash to indicate it has learnt the new code. Release the transmitter button. Your new code is now set.
How to erase my transmitter codes:
Hold the code set button on the opener for approximately 8-10 seconds. The light will flash to indicate all codes have been erased. For gates press and hold the erase button until red LED extinguishes.
Note: This will erase all codes, you cannot erase just one code.
Package Includes:
 1 x Remote control (batteries included)
 1 x Coding Instructions

Universal Electric Garage Door Remote Control Replacement 433MHz

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