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Indoor Video Security Master System

Instant monitoring

You can start protecting your home or business fast his easy-to-install system takes just 15 minutes to set up.

Watch or wait

You can watch footage live online--or go back and view it later--from your hard drive.

On-the-go options

Motion-activated text and e-mail alerts and free Web-based viewing keep you in the loop.

1 receiver + 2 indoor cameras + 1 command centre software

Still not enough cameras? Click HERE to purchase extra add-on camera(s).


Homeplug connectivity Homeplug connectivity

You'll be up and running in no time to new wires to run, no network configuration. It transmits encrypted video over your existing electrical wires straight to your PC.

Easy, 15-minute setup Easy, 15-minute setup

You simply install Logitech Command Center PC software, connect the USB receiver, and plug in the camera anywhere around your home or office.

Flexible PC-viewing options Flexible PC-viewing options

You can see live footage or store it on your hard drive for later replay. The intuitive Windows interface makes it easy to navigate and set your preferences.

Motion-activated mobile alerts  Motion-activated mobile alerts

Mobile-phone and e-mail alerts quickly update you when you're on the go.

Free remote viewing Free remote viewing

A password-protected, Web-based account lets you log in to view live video online anywhere, anytime. It's accessible from your Windows Mobile phone too.

Support for up to six cameras Support for up to six cameras

You can add Logitech Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in any combination to any Logitech Master System.

Multiple mounting options Multiple mounting options

This indoor camera can be placed where you need it most attached to a window (facing in or out), placed on a desktop, or mounted to a wall.


Package Includes:

  • Logitech Indoor Wireless Video Security Master System + Extra Add-On Camera
    (1 Receiver + 2 Cameras + 1 Software)


  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty


  • Dispatch or pickup in 1 working day
  • Call before pickup essential

Logitech Indoor Wireless Video Security Camera Master System + Extra Add-On Camera

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