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BIC Mega lighter is the perfect multi-purpose lighter for handy year-round use, inside and outside the home. Features: Longer wand keeps hands away from fire Easy and comfortable trigger Made for long-term use Easy storage with retractable hook Child-Resistant mechanism automatically resets itself Warning KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN Ignite utility lighter away from face and clothing Do not use to light cigarettes, cigars or pipes Be sure flame is completely out after each use Never expose to heat above 50C (122F) or to prolonged sunlight Never puncture or put in fire Follow all instructions and warnings provided by manufacturer or grill, appliance, or any other item when using this product. Do not keep lit for more than 30 seconds Contains flammable gas under pressure Wand may be hot after use NO LIGHT IS CHILD-PROOF. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PROPER ADULT SUPERVISION. Package Includes: 1x BIC Mega BBQ LIGHTER Availability: Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery No pickup

Bic Mega Long Lasting Multipurpose BBQ Lighter Butane Gas

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