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  • Idea for protecting your personal information being stolen by thieves or unexpected RFID with safety sleeve
  • Prevents electronic pick-pocketing
  • Ultra light weight
  • Convenient to add in wallet and protect your passport and cards in good condition
  • Durable and portable


  • Material: High quality aluminium foil
  • Size: L- 13.5x10.5cm, S-8.5x6.1cm
  • Color: Silver
  • Protect Card:Government issued passports/ Payment cards(Credit, Debit, etc)/ Drivers license/ Student IDs/ Transit cards such as Myki, Opal, Go card/ ID cards/ Access cards operates on frequency 13,56 MHz and above/ Cards such as MIFARE, HID iClass, DESFire/ ISO14443/15693 and EPC Gen1/Gen2 contactless smart cards


  • 4 x L-Passport size
  • 5 x S-Credit card size


  • Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup

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