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Works while you sleep!  

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The MUDOKU Detox foot pads have been specially formulated to improve body circulation by absorbing toxins and impurities while you sleep. These patches work on ancient Japanese reflexology points that increase self healing power which result in a faster recovery from general body aches and discomfort.

How do Detox Foot Pads work?

Detox foot pads work by using the body's reflexology and acupressure points located on the bottom of each foot. The pads stimulate, energize and draw out chemicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body. These points mirror the specific body systems of the biorhythmic network that represents our total state of wellbeing.

By stimulating specific acupressure/reflex points on the soles of the feet, you can detoxify the reflected organs in order to improve your overall health. Detox Foot Pads are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals or animal ingredients.

NOTE: This video is only for demonstration purpose, the actual product may be slightly different.


  • Mudoku Detox Foot Patches
  • Aids natural cleansing
  • Absorbs impurities
  • Works while you sleep
  • Absorbs toxins, heavy metals, metabolic waste impurities
  • May also be applied to other areas of the body, as indicated in image on the right
  • 14 patches per pack, non re-usable.
  • Benefits:
    The product can improve the circulation of the body and thus improve the overall wellbeing of the body.



  • Place the printed side of the powerder patch against the adhesive side of the plaster sheet.
  • Clean the skin, stretch the plaster and apply to desired location
  • Plaster should be present on the skin for 8-10 hours; best time would be before bed

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pack of MUDOKU Detox Foot Pads (14 Pads included)


  • Dispatch or pickup in 1-3 working days
  • Call before pickup ESSENTIAL
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