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This universal heavy duty, hand held gun type vacuum pump brake bleeding kit can be used on virtually all cars. Performs brake bleeding and many automotive testing procedures, such as vacuum gauges, diesel valves, power brakes, ignition timing, vacuum pumps, engine control system, automatic transmission, emission controls A/C and heater controls, carburetor service and many more. Its lightweight, easy to use and includes everything you need.


  • Brake bleeding at home without the mess, ideal for home mechanic
  • Check vacuum & brake systems
  • Hand operated pump designed to remove the need to use the brake pedal
  • Gauge scale: 0-30 inches Hg, 0-76cm Hg
  • Designed to work with most vehicles and systems
  • Perfect for brake and fuel line bleeding
  • Suitable for use on cars, motorbikes and some commercial vehicles
  • Includes plastic carry case for storage and transport


  • Material: Brass and ABS
  • Weighs: approx. 1.3 Kg
  • Measurements: approx. 17 x 5 x 25 cm (LxWxH)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Brake bleeder/vacuum pump with gauge
  • 1 x Reservoir & Transporting lids
  • 1 x Reservoir jar
  • 1 x 23" & 3" vacuum hose
  • 1 x Tapered hose adapter
  • 1 x Straight & T hose connector
  • 3 x Brake bleeder screw adapter
  • 1 x Universal cup adapter


  • Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup

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