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  • Made of enviromentally friendly material that is super durable.
    The cutting mat is static free and it is double-side design.
    Prints on both sides,one side imperial measurement, another side is metric measurement. Professional self-healing craft cutting board mat.
    It can remain smooth after many cuts Main function is for most cutting work in your daily life.


  • It can also use in your computer work area and as a writing and stamp mat.
    Easy to use and to operate. Suitable for many kinds of writing, drawing work, craft paper, film cutting tools, the best model version and can be used as a desktop and mouse pad

Color: Dark soothing green

Size: A2 Size:60*45*0.3CM

Meterial: PVC

Side 1: Three tangent: two 45 degree tangents and a 60 degree tangent, imperial grid, and metric and imperial ruler markings.
Side 2: Five tangent markings, metric grid, and metric ruler markings. Cheaper mats have prints on only one side.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Self Healing Cutting Mat


  • 3 months


  • Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup

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