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Panadol Tablets Provide Fast Effective Relief of Pain and Discomfort
associated with; 
- Headache/Tension
- Toothache
- Cold and Flu symptoms
- Migraine
- Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
- Backache
- Period Pain
- Sore Throat
- Dental Pain
 Expiry Date : June 2022
- Reduces Fever
- Each tablet contains Paracetamol 500mg
- Potassium sorbate as preservative
- Tablets are round and film-coated making them easier to swallow and have no bitter aftershave
- No gluten, lactose, sugar or ibuprofen
-  Gentle on stomach
- Effective on Pain
How to Use
Place tablet(s) in mouth and swallow down with water
7-12 yrs           1 tablet                every  4-6 hours as required with water (maximum 4 tablets in 24 hours)
12 Adult          1-2 tablet             every 4-6  hours as required with water (maximum 8 tablets in 24 hours)



Package Includes

2x 20 Tablets Panadol Paracetamal Effective On Pain Gentle on Stomach

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