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smile Last Purchase by: dkm812
6x Tweezers Kit Stainless Steel Anti-static Nail Eyebrow Electronic Jewellery
  • ?High Quality Stainless Steel?This craft tweezer set is made of high strength stainless steel with anti-static non-magnetic paint on the surface, and acid-base protection. Please put the protective tube back on the sharp tweezers for safe.

  • ?Multifunction? One set of 6 different specifications and configurations to fit all purposes you need. Excellent for electronics, medical and laboratory work, jewelry and other fine crafts.

  • ?ESD Safe Handles?These ESD Tweezers set with ESD (Surface Electrostatic Discharge) finish to protect the components and handles from the damaging effects of static.

  • ?Comfortable Hand Feeling?These electronics tweezers can adapt to a long-term work with the appearance of smooth lines and fine processing.

Condition: 100%Brand New

Material: High Quality Stainless Steel
Tweezers Included:

Package Content:

   6x Tweezers Set.

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