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smile Last Purchase by: nesmith
Hot-melt adhesive provides excellent waterproof property
Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance
Ldeally translucent provides tensile strength
High elasticity keeps steady performance 
Material: Polyolefin Tubing with Solder and hot melt adhesive Inside Shrinkage ratio 2:1
Heat activated waterproof adhesive
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Low temperature solder sleeve
Minimum temperature for solder to melt: 138°C
The temperature of the solder completely melted: ?160?
Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C
Operating temperature :-55? - 125?
Dielectric strength :1kv
Color coded connector tubing
No wire damage due to lower shrink temperature
Wide Application: Marine, Automobile, Motorcycle, home and DIY wire connecting project.
Package Includes:
10pcs Yellow (AWG 12-10)
30pcs Blue (AWG 16-14)
35pcs Red (AWG 22-18)
25pcs White (AWG 26-24)

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