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• 180Kg capacity 

• Wide body measuring 30cm is ideal for larger users who have a wider stance 

• Unit of measurement is kilograms 

• 100g increments 

• 70mm easy to read LCD number display 

• 6mm tempered glass 

• Auto-on (just stand on the scales and it immediately starts to calculate your weight) 

• Highly accurate  

• Power save mode - switches the scales off to preserve battery life 

• 4 strain gauge sensors 

• Low battery/overload indicator 

• Dimensions:280 x 280 x 17 mm

•Colour: black

•Batteries:1 X Button Battery Inclusive 


Package Includes

1x Electronic Digital Backlit Glass Body Bathroom Scale 180KG scales Gym Weight

Mini Metal Detacher Hook Key Detach $4.98

50x Assorted BIC MINI DISPOSABLE GA $45.98

Free Shipping: 12X Clear Seamless R $7.98