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  • Cleverly designed – The T-shaped design is more conducive to inserting into the soil and will not harm the roots of the plant
  • High-quality materials – Plant tags are made of strong, durable plastic that is not easily broken, has good water resistance, and does not rust as easily as metal tags
  • Easy to write – The plant labels are so easy to write on the smooth surface with the marker pen, and please don’t worries about the ink of the plant tags will wash off in the rain or fade in the sunshine
  • DIY projects – You can design your own plant labels in garden, classroom projects, kindergarten DIY craft handmade or home decoration. Creative designs inspire your imagination and cultivate the hands-on ability
  • Wide range of applications – They are suitable for fruit trees, seedlings, flowers, greenhouses, pot experiments, etc. The use of this process will not have any impact on plants, home gardening, orchards, gardens, farms, and gardens
Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Size: 14cmx5cm
120x Garden Label 

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