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smile Last Purchase by: NORMANSTEWAR
Type: Paint Roller Set
Color: Blue + Silver
Material: Plastic + Sponge + Steel
Size : As Picture Showes
Perfect Paint Roller Kit -You can use to paint walls, ceilings, fences and more without dripping or splattering paint and thereby diminishing the attractiveness of your paint job.
1. Multi size, no limited for wall texture, any wall can be painted.
2. No water leakage, and more paint sticky, save time and effort.
3. When you slide around the jig and curve, you don't need tapes to get those perfect lines.
4. The paint pad is 8 times higher than the traditional paint brush, 5 times higher than the traditional paint roller.
5. Perfect gift: use it when you paint the walls
Packing List:
1 X Paint Bucket
1 X Resting Tray
1 X Seamless Paint Roller
1 X Wheel Brush
1 X Corner Painter
1 X Stir bar
3pcs X Extended Rods
1 Pairs Gloves
Tips: Do not exposure the brush under the sun too long , otherwise the plastic brush will become brittle easily.

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