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Used for casing terminals. The pressure of the four head is synchronous, and the pressure of the joint can be adjusted by itself according to the different sizes of the terminals. The pressure will form a uniform quadrilateral after the compression, so as to ensure the firm and even bonding.
Insulation flame retardant material, good durability, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high-pressure resistance.
Widely used, can be used for all kinds of equipment switches, household appliances, electronic devices, etc.
Note: Due to different batches, the product color may vary, but the Specification will be identical, please mind
Model?HSC8 6-4
Compression range: 0.25-6mm²
American standard: 23-10 awg
Package size:22*12*6.5CM
Package contents
1x Wire Crimpers
1500x Terminal

Free Shipping: 1500Pcs Bootlace Ferrule Crimper kit 0.25-6mm² Cord End Ratchet Crimping Tool

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