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All angle covered
-- The flexible light heads on both side can be rotated freely to any direction you want.The solar panel can also be freely adjusted to face the sun to absorb solar energy with maximum efficiency. Charges at day, shines at night
-- This solar motion light stays off and absorb sunlight to charge its high capacity (2400 mA) battery during the day. When night comes, the light turns on automatically and stays at low-consumption dim mode until movement is detected. The smartest sensor -- The built-in PIR sensor detects movements up to 32 ft. When motion is detected, the light turns to maximum brightness for 60s, then return to dim mode to save power. IP65 Waterproof
-- Specifically designed for outdoor use, cshidworld solar wall light is made of premium ABS, with strong durability under all weather including rain, storm, snow and frost. Remain functional whether it's freezing winter or scorching summer.

Safe Material: ABS + PC
Solar Panel: 1.8W, 5.5V
Wattage: 15W
LED quantity: 74pcs
Lumen: 800LM
Lighting Angle: 270 degrees
Sensor Angle:120 Degree
Sensing Distance: 16- 32Feet
Li-ion Battery: 3.7V 2400mAh
Color Temperature: 6500K (White Light)

Usage method: Working or working mode button first time:turn off the solar light and wait for induction after 100% lighting for 20s. and don't work in the daytime second time :After 100%light on for 20s,10% lighting wait for induction Third time:20% lights up, dark day lights up, daytime lights out . Fourth time: turn off the solar light

Package: 1x 74LEDs Solar 3 heads Light

3 Head Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor Garden Wall Security Flood Lamp 74LEDs

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Last Purchase by: moulwood
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