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X man and Spanner Skull are upgrade version, fully automatic without any button.


  • Suitable for all welding Applications: ARC, MMA, MAG, TIG & Plasma Cutting
  • Fully Automatic Darkening Welding Helmet
  • Lightweight, durable, corrosion & flame retardant
  • Double arc sensors
  • Utilizes high performance solar cells w/ built-in 3V lithium batteries(CR2032) as power back up
  • Super Fast Darkening Speed: 1/25,000 Second
  • Fully automatic power On/Off
  • External variable shade control
  • Sensitivity control by variable dial (low-high)
  • UV/IR protection
  • Certified CE/EMC, GS & ANSI (Z87.1)
  • Complies standards & ANSI Z87, 1-2003 standards


  • DIN Range: DIN9-DIN13 
  • Viewing Windows: 92.5 x 42.5mm     
  • Response Time: 0.15ms~0.2ms     
  • Retention time: 0.4ms~0.8ms 
  • UV/IR protection: DIN 15 
  • Power Supply: Solar with Lithium Backup   
  • Operation temperature: -5 ~ 55C

Package Includes     

  • 1 x Auto Darkening Solar Power Welding Helmet

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