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Product Description:


Size:2.6 x 2.6cm
Number of Pcs: 10PCS
Item Form:Tablet

Eliminates nasty residue build up in the pipes and crevices of your washing machine. Removes nasty odors by breaking down the source of the problem.
Rapid infiltration disintegration of dirt.decontamination with reactive oxygen species to reduce mouldy taste.
inhibits 99% of bacteria in the laundry. Keep your whole family away from bacteria and make your machine to work like brand new.
Washing machine cleaning expert, decontamination effervescent tablets. Refusal of secondary contamination of clothes
Enhance the washing efficiency without damaging the washing machine.


How to use:


Set the water at the maximum level in the washer tub 
Insert the cleaner tablet into the washer tub
After the tablet has dissolved, set for a quick spinning for 15 minutes
Allow the water to set still at washer tub for about 3 to 5 hours before the final rinse

Package Included:
10Pcs x Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets 

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