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3in1 Digital LCD Thermometer
A digital LCD thermometer is excellent for checking your temperature when sick with a fever. Suitable for all, including adult, child and baby. A digital LCD screen makes it easy to use. Fast readings and automatic shut-off.
Features & Packages:
Digital LCD Thermometer - 1 pack.
Fast readings.
Digital LCD, easy to read.
Automatic shut-off
Memory the last records
Suitable for all, adults, kids & babies.
Includes battery
Warning: KEEP BATTERIES OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Swallowing may lead to serious injury or death in as little as 2 hours due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus. Keep new and used batteries away from children. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product, and keep away from children. If you think batteries may have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.

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