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  • Full function with 15x indicators led's & 15x parker led's

  • Highly aesthetic lens design to suit modern vehicle styles

  • Intelligent mounting system with optional tabs

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Polycarbonate lens and ABS plastic housing

  • Prewired with 1.5METRE of lead

  • Fully ADR compliant


  • Functions?Front Position / Front Direction Indicator

  • Voltage?10-30V DC

  • Wattage?Front Position: 1.8W Front Direction Indicator: 3.7W

  • Mounting: Tab or Rear Recess Mount

  • Materials:Polycarbonate

  • Cable Length:1.5M


  • 2 x LED INDICATE light

Free Shipping: Refurbished Bauhn 2. $159.98

50x Assorted BIC MINI DISPOSABLE GA $45.98

Samsung SD300 24" FHD LED LCD Gamin $169.98