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Important Note:
• Due to Hygiene Reason, we do not accept return for this item


  • Sydney local stock, fast delivery
  • Size 17.50cm x 9.50cm
  • 3 Layers design :
    Outer: Hydrophobic non-woven fabric
    Middle: Melt Blown filter
    Inner: Soft non-woven fabric
  • These masks should be disposed of after each use.
  • These masks contain aluminum nose piece and should be stored in cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat (40°C or 104°F)

Mask Application
Suitable for nursing home, food prepartion, office, public place, nail / hair salon, beautician, restaurant, bar & cafes, cleaning or any other areas where protection is needed.


  • 50 pcs per order
  • Color: Blue

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