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Digital LCD TDS TEMP PPM Meter Hydroponic Pen Water Quality Tester
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a General Measure of Water Quality
  • The TDS Meter ideally for keeping Track of Effectiveness for your Water filter and check on when to Replace the Water Filters
  • Simply Pour a Glass of Water then turn on the TDS meter and place it into the glass, the Reading will Appear
  • Used as an Aggregate Indicator of the Presence of a Broad array of Chemical Ingredients and an Indication of Aesthetic Characteristics of Drinking Water
  • The Meter is maded in Strong & Durable Plastic
  • Auto-off Function to Conserve battery power
  • Easy to Read large Digital Display
  • Hold Function: Saves Measurements for Convenient Reading and Recording
  • Auto-off Function: Turns off Meter After 10 Minutes of Non-use to Conserve Batteries
  • The Meter also includes Digital Thermometer and the Hold Function Stores Readings Outside of the Water
  • This Item can be Used in: Water Purifiers and Filters, Food (Vegetable, Fruits) & Drink Quality Monitoring, Pools and Spas, Aquariums, Hydroponics
  • Rang: 0-9990ppm
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Temp. Range: 0 - 80 degrees Celsius
  • Resolution: 1 ppm, 1 degree Celsius (also available in 10 ppm)
  • Battery: 2 x 1.5V Button Cell battery (NOT Included)
  • Battery Life: 1000 hours of Usage.
  1. Remove the protective cap and turn on the TDS meter
  2. Immerse the meter into the water/solution up to the maximum immersion level(2" )
  3. Waiting until the display stabilizes.The TDS meter automatically compensate for temperature variations once the readout is stabilized ?30-45 seconds?.Press the HOLD button to save reading
  4. After usage,shake off water from your meter or wipe it with a tissue
Package Included:
  • 1 x TDS Meter
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Do not drop the entire TDS meter in water or dip beyond the maximum immersion level (approximately 2" - refer to manual for further information). This unit is not water- tight and will be damaged if water enters the unit.
  • Don't store the TDS meter under Direct Sunlight or High Temperature.

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