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Product description:


The newest product in easy pet waste clean-up!The newest product in easy pet waste clean-up!
Would you leave your rubbish on someone's nature strip or on the ground in the park? Then don't leave dog poo! Avoid turning your local park into a dog free zone.

The one handed pick-up design allows you to clean up your dog's waste without even bending over. When snapped together, Spotty™ Spring Action Scooper stands over 60cm tall and an easy squeeze handle so it's easy to open to pick up and throw away the poo so you don't have to go anywhere near it.
Be a responsible Dog Owner without Injuring your back or touching your dog's mess. Buy it now!
Features & Specifications?
- Easy to clean, just hose it off
- Stores easily in two pieces
- When snapped together, Spotty Spring Action Scooper stands over 60cm tall
- An easy squeeze handle
- Heavy-duty Spring won't fall open until you want to drop the waste into a bin


Package Include:

- 1X Pet Dog Clean-Up Poo Scooper (Black)

- 1X Roll  Waste Bag