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Do you Know your Finger Size?

We are proud to present this ring sizing kit, featuring a plastic ring sizing belt and a ring sizing card.

The belt is easily wrapped around the finger until it feels snug. The small arrow will indicate the size of the finger.

The ring sizing card is used to determine the size of a ring. You place a ring on the circles. If the circle covers the inside of the ring perfectly it means that you've found the ring size.


?Measures Fingers from Size 1 - 17 (US/Canada)
?Easy-To-Use Plastic Belt Ring Sizer
?Use the Card to Measure the size of your Ring
?Durable and Lightweight
?Unisex:Can measure both men's and women's sizes.
?Excellent way to find finger size for gift.
?Great for buying rings on-line.

Material: Wear-resistant soft rubber
Size: 115x5x1mm
Package Includes:
1x Ring sizers (US/Canada)