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AU DIY Bias Binding Tape Maker Kit Quilting Binder Fabric Sewing Foot Tool Sets

1.Offset tape manufacturer set: You will get 4 offset tape manufacturers (6mm 12mm 18mm 25mm) + 1 offset binding foot + 1 awl + 4 cloth clips + 50 ballpoint pens for direct sales.
2.Good quality: make any fabric into accents, borders or trims. Fast, economical and perfectly coordinated. Pull out the fabric and iron it to fold it perfectly for sewing or bonding.
3.Single fold / double fold offset binding: 1/4" offset tape manufacturer, 1/2'' offset strip = 1/4'' single fold offset tape = 1/8'' double fold offset tape , The single-fold offset tape can be ironed into half of the bevel tape along the length, which is really convenient for sewing kits.


● First cut off the end of the strip at an angle, which helps to insert the tape manufacturer.
● With the second wrong side facing up, insert the paper feed offset strip into the wide end of the tape machine, and pull the fabric through with an awl.
● The third pin end of the strap is fixed to the ironing board. Pull up the tape drive and press the folding iron into the vicinity of the tape drive.
● DIY sewing offset tape manufacturer: choose your favorite fabric pattern, easily make the seams of the quilt with offset tape, sewing, bandaging, handmade and some small items, such as placemats, bibs, cuffs, Neckline etc. These sewing supplies are very suitable for conventional sewing, and you can save a lot of money without buying twill belts from the store.

AU DIY Bias Binding Tape Maker Kit Quilting Binder Fabric Sewing Foot Tool Sets

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