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Mold Mildew Remover Gel Bathroom Kitchen Wall Mold Removal Washer Cleane

This product can be easily removed by applying this product. The gel texture can be used on vertical or inclined surfaces.
Can make cleaning more fun and easy
Easy to use and quick


Ingredients: sodium hypochlorite, hydroxide, etc.
Color: as shown
Capacity: 120ml
Uses: mold, mildew, clean


1. Wipe the dust and moisture from the mold surface with a dry towel.
2. Open the lid of the product and squeeze it about 3 mm thick at the mold. Leave it for 3~5 hours and wipe with water.
3. Confirm the sterilization effect, if it is not completely removed, please repeat it.


Precautions for use:
1. Do not use it outside the intended use.
2. Keep ventilation when using. Rubber gloves are recommended.
3. Cover the lid after use and keep out of reach of children.
4. If you accidentally touch the skin or enter the eyes, please wash it with water immediately.
5. If you accidentally eat, please immediately drink water and vomit and seek medical advice.
6. Fading will appear on the clothes, please be careful.
7. The part that is discolored or stained with metal (yellow silica gel) has no effect.
8. According to the degree of pollution, the sterilization effect will be different.
9. If the solution is frozen or close to the heat source, the solution will become thinner.

Mold Mildew Remover Gel Bathroom Kitchen Wall Mold Removal Washer Cleane

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