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NDL 5 Metre Professional Gold Plated HDMI Cable

If you have or are going to have any digital AV equipments, chances are, you will need one of these.  Here is your rare opportunity to grab a quality 5M HDMI cable at an amazing Ozstock price today!

High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is hailed as the next generation of audiovisual cabling. Simply put, HDMI is an all-digital connector that can carry high definition video and several digital audio channels all on the one cable. HDMI was first officially unveiled in 2003, but it's only now that we're starting to see widespread support for the standard.

HDMI can deliver high quality sound or vision without the risk of quality loss due to the conversion or compression of a video or audio signal. HDMI pictures should be smoother and sharper, with a distinct reduction in video noise. Sound should be crisp and taut, without any distortion. And of course, using the single cable HDMI can get rid of a lot of messy cables snaking around your home theatre kit.


  • Pin: HDMI Pin (Digital Video/Audio/Control)-HDMI Connector ( Digital Video/ Audio/Control)
  • Wire length: approximately 5m
  • High performance cable
  • Gold Plated


  • 5M
  • Gold plated

Package Includes:

  • 1 x NDL 5m Gold Plated HDMI Cable

12 Months

In stock, immediate dispatch or pickup!

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