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RC Car ESC Electronic Speed Control 320A Waterproof Brushed BLESE-S10-RTR

Description:Small size with built-in capacitor module.Fwd/Rev/Br running mode fits for various vehicles (Fwd =Forward, Br=Brake, Rev=Reverse).Automatic throttle range calibration, easy to use.Easy to set the ESC parameters with jumpers.Multiple protections: Low voltage cut-off protection for battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.Excellent operating feelings and plentiful adjustment options, suitable for most kinds of competitions.Features:1. Automatically seek center location.2. High frequency drive system3. Use low resistance field tube4. Applicable to vehicle and ship modelOperational guidelines:1. The correct connection with the power supply battery, the red line at both ends of the terminal plate is positive and the black is negative. (or connect to standard DC battery plug/T insert/banana insert)2. The red and black wires are connected to the car 540 motor red black line respectively.3. Turn on the power switch, the motor will make a "du" sound, then turn on the power of the transmitter, the motor will emit "dor-la ~ mi" sound, proving that the remote signal has been successfully connected with the electrical adjustment.Specification:320A two-way electronic governor belt brake (with waterproof function)Battery support: metal hydride, nickel cadmium 4~6 groups (4.8 V~7.2 V); Lithium 3 group (7.4 v-11.1 V)Current parameters: forward 320A, backward 160A, brake 270A,The voltage 5.6 V, current 2A. (supply receiver, steering gear electricity)Size: 43mm (long) X 29mm (wide) X 27mm (high). (contains fin parts)Weight: 40 gPackage includes: 1 x Electronic Speed Controller

RC Car ESC Electronic Speed Control 320A Waterproof Brushed BLESE-S10-RTR

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Last Purchase by: bob L
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