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ZOMEi 37mm Graduated Gray Filter W/ Thread Clipper For Smartphone Photo Video

The colour filter creates impressive sunsets or sets clouds into a dramatic scenery,ideal for photography and video filming.Color filters are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to dramatically improve your shots
High quality metal construction. Extremely solid and lightweight. No wobbling or cross-threading
Comes with a 37mm thread, can easily fit your iphone samsung HTC Sony & other smartphones.
Package:Zomei camera lens kit will be packed in a protected gift box, will be a good choose for your using or a gift to friend.
4 colors gradual phone lens :graduated grey /graduated orange/graduated red/graduated bluefects to skies and other bright regions while retaining more realistic results within the other half of the frame.
Experience the most vibrant warm orange, natural blue, high contrast black and white. Great for capturing stunning autumn leaves, summer sunsets, sky and water surface
High Performance: optical glass, top transmission and minimum image distortion. Aluminum frame design makes it very lightweight and solid
These filters are mounted on a rotating frame to allow the user to bring the colored and clear filter portions into the desired position by simply rotating the mount
Double threads allowing additional filters to be screwed one over the other. Using two color graduated filters rotated 180 degrees relative to each other allows different colors to fade into each other

Graduated Grey can lighten parts of the image, like the foreground above. You could use more overall exposure when the overly bright parts are dimmed through the grey part of the filter.

Gradual Orange/ Red is used to enhance the color of the image, making the scenery more bright and vibrant. It's suitable for photographing sunset and autumn leaves.

Gradual Blue can deeper the blue color of sky or lake when it's cloudy without affecting the ground color, realize color balance.

Universal Lens Clip-Compatible with Most Smartphones
This kit comes with a unversal lens clip. Just clip it on the camera of your phone when using. Work with most mobile devices, such as Iphone, Samsung, Ipad, etc.

ZOMEi 37mm Graduated Gray Filter W/ Thread Clipper For Smartphone Photo Video

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Last Purchase by: smani16