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- suitable for all ages. It is easy to follow the instructions and enjoy the fun of handmade. 
-Embroidery stretch is about 30 x 30cm . This Plastic braid has a screw, you can adjust the tightness according to your needs. 
-Material: The DIY embroidery bag is composed of cotton cloth and Plastic embroidery wreath. The high-quality cotton embroidery thread has good gloss, is not easy to fade, is not easy to break, and is wear-resistant. 
-Embroidery starter kit is a set of favorite handicrafts. Full of blessings and heartfelt, it is a meaningful gift for family and friends to hang at home on a special holiday or as a classical decoration. 
-Embroidery has exquisite patterns and instructions, you can easily complete the embroidery work according to the instructions, the delicate embroidery style is very suitable for beginners and embroidery lovers 
-Material: Embroidery thread,Cotton Canvas,Plastic 
-Embroidery cloth size: 30 x 30cm 

DIY Plant Embroidery Kits Beginner Sewing Needlepoint Hoop Cross Craft Stitch AU

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