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Original StoneStream shower head, environmentally friendly power, high pressure softener filtered handheld shower head, with spa such as ion beads, suitable for dry skin and hair — 3 spray settings
About the product
3 in 1 spray system-Stone Stream shower head has three different spray functions: rain, massage and spray. The Eco-stop button can maintain the water temperature without using a water valve.
It is more beneficial to you, and more beneficial to the earth-the grand launch of the new revolutionary StoneStream EcoPower ion shower head shower. Our StoneStream EcoPower water-saving shower system can reduce consumption by up to 35%
High-pressure shower head — Our water-saving shower head is designed with 250 laser-cut nozzles, which can increase the water pressure in the shower by 200%.
Soft, water like a spring-our three types of mineralized germanium beads mixture will soften hard water and form a natural spring-like quality. StoneStream Eco Mineral Shower Head will help you restore the pH balance of your hair and body, providing you with a cleaner, softer and purified shower water
It can be installed in minutes-our powerful high-pressure shower head can be connected to any standard hose.

Original StoneStream shower head, environmentally friendly power, high pressure handheld shower

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Last Purchase by: Scott R
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