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DIY Painting by Numbers with for Adults Cartoon Frog Pictures by Numbers Hand Paint Unique Home Deco_40x50cm_Frameless
1: Finished product size: 20x16 inches. 40x50cm. Note: This model is frameless, it does not include a wooden frame!
2: Our canvas oil painting is easy to use. You only need to match the paint number and the graphics on the canvas to fill the paint. And follow the instructions, and then paint according to the color number, and finish them one by one. Especially suitable for those who like painting but don't like freehand drawing.
3: This is a DIY digital painting oil painting, not a finished picture, you need to paint by yourself. The paint is a non-toxic and safe high-quality acrylic paint. The color is different when it is thinly or thickly applied. The visual effect of the design will be different from the actual drawings.
4: Custom paint by number is a great gift idea for your relatives and friends. This is a beautiful choice for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, birthday, holiday or other important days. This is also a good choice for intellectual development and cultivating artistic cells. It will help children become interested in painting.
Product description
Product description:
Material: Canvas
Color name: Frameless oil painting
Size name: 16*20 inches/40x50cm
Color: As shown in the picture
1. Find a flat object (such as a table), and cover it with newspaper Surface to avoid staining the surface of the object with acrylic paint.
2. Please prepare a bottle of water for scrubbing.
3. Fill in the numbered part with the corresponding paint.
4. We recommend that you draw one color at a time, from the largest part to the smallest part, from the top to the bottom.
5. Please clean the brush when changing to other colors.
In the package:
-1x numbered acrylic paint set
-1x pre-printed numbered high-quality canvas
-1x set of 3x brushes (variable bristles-1x small, 1x medium, 1x large)
-1x hanging The kit includes 2x screws and 2x non-orbital hooks. Note:
*Please wash when you finish or stop painting.
*Please cover the paint cap when not in use to prevent the paint from drying out.
*The numbers on the canvas may not be completely covered, I hope you don't mind.
*If you happen to have paint on your clothes, please wash them immediately.
*The paint we provide is sufficient for normal use, if the paint is insufficient, please don't waste it.

DIY Painting by Numbers with for Adults Cartoon Frog Pictures by Numbers Hand Paint Unique Home

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