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Premium Materials: The game features the solid wood frame, and it is the high-quality handmade wooden games and ice hockey, due to the use of wooden materials. And the game is eco-friendly and durable. And the game is intriguing for kids (12yr-old or above) and adults, which is suitable for 2 players, featured by the easy rules.
Fine Design: The game is a reversible wooden board games, which is also a fast track dexterity game on one side and a strategy game on the other side. And the game is lightweight and compact enough to carry, which can be used on the table or on the floor.
Practical in Use: Childhood memories sports board game battle is back, and the table ice hockey game is the lightweight board game, take and play the game anywhere easily, which can be used for indoors and outdoors. And the game is a great gift to boys and girls age 6 and up.
Game Play: The table ice hockey game is suitable for 2 players, featured by the simple rules. And it is suitable for family members, which is perfect for children and adults. This is a fast-paced action game. And the game can improve children's hand-eye coordination, and it can enhance fine motor skills, and it can expand children's attention.
Funny Game: The game is a sports board game, which is Perfect for video group chats and social activities with family and friends! With the sling puck game, parents can relax at home or children play the game with siblings, which can enhance the relationship between parents and family.
size:37 * 24 * 3CM
colour:Wood color
Package Contents:
1 * Bounce Chess

Sling Puck Game Foosball Winner Board Game Bounce Chess Eject Chess Bounce L4A5

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