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The digital infrared medical thermometer accurately measures the body(oral) temperature at the surface of the forehead by sensing infrared emission of the skin at the measured point and calculate the body(oral) temperature precisely using a unique algorithm. It provides fast, non-contact and accurate body temperature measurement. This product operates with an LCD display and is equipped with built in buzzer. Users can quickly get measurement results by using our thermometer which uses advanced sensor technology and latest smart chips. For best results hold 3-5 cm from forehead.     FEATURES High Quality, Precision and Secure To provide reliable results and ensure excellent performance, updated high-precision sensor probes and the latest smart chips have been used. The thermometer is faster, more reliable, and more secure to use.    Very Easy to Use  Press the trigger and hold the thermometer between 3-5 cm from forehead and get the results in 1 second. The simple and straightforward operation is easy for kids or the elderly to use.   Non-contact Thermometer The infrared thermometer doesn’t need to come in contact with a person’s body. Just keep it 3-5 cm away from the forehead to get the accurate body temperature measurement. This ensures safety and hygiene.   Multifunctionality/Multipurpose The Surface mode in the infrared thermometer temperature allows the user to measure the surface temperature of various things including baby food, water, room temperature, etc.   Can be Used in Various Environments The thermometer features the high-precision infrared sensors, which makes it feature the stable and reliable performance, and the thermometer features the strong adaptability to ambient temperature, which can still be used normally in complex environments.   Built For All Ages (Infants (Babies), Children and Adults) The digital thermometer is designed for all ages from infants to grown-ups. Regardless of the age, the thermometer will precisely predict the body temperature by just measuring the surface temperature of the body.


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