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24pc Wave Hair Curlers Unburned Curlers 30cm Spiral Curls Styling Kit

1. Material: plastic
2. Color: pink, orange, blue, green
3. Size chart:
Length: 30cm / 11.81 inch, inner diameter: 2.5cm
1.Easy to apply with amazing results: these magic hair curlers are made of high quality materials for safe and long use, easy to control, make a whole head of hair in 5 minutes, use for all ages and all hair types from thin, straight hair after thick hair, make beautiful wavy hair without damage and comfortable to sleep
2.Heatless damage: DIY curling iron is a great alternative to using heated styling irons and will create healthy looking magic curls and waves without damaging your hair, and suitable for dry or wet hair, long or short hair, thin or thick hair, DIY solution go to your favorite wavy hairstyle
3. Usage: Take a section of hair about 1 inch wide, When the hair is wet, slide the curler onto the hook through the slit, the hair is then pulled into the curler by the hook, keep the curlers on the hair for about 40-60 minutes until it is completely drying out (air-dry or with a hair dryer); Take out the curlers, squeeze and open the top end, then slightly pull the curler to slide it down and out of your hair
4.Wide use: Hair curlers are perfect for women and girls to DIY their hairstyles, just tie them up and back with a scarf and then sleep with them, you will love this curly hair when you wake up, you are also suitable for dancing and cheering, you can also put them in ponies, Loki will last for several days; Notes: thick hair may require more curlers, most customers average 10 - 20 curlers per head depending on the thickness of the hair

24pc Wave Hair Curlers Unburned Curlers 30cm Spiral Curls Styling Kit

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Last Purchase by: helen C
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