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 - This digital LCD oral thermometer features hard probe, you can measure body temperature via oral, armpit or anus.
- The LCD screen is large and easy to read, convenient to use.
- It will shut down after no operation in 10 min, which is user friendly and power saving.
- It only take about 1 min to measure the temperature, and will make buzz sound to alert you when finish.
- It can display last time temperature measurement value, convenien to check and review.
The working temperature is: 0-55 °C, the working humidity is 80% R, and the working voltage is 1.5V. Dimensions: 120 (L) * 15 (W) * 10 (H) mm
Safe and practical electronic thermometer, no longer worry about the children using traditional thermometers to cause bad consequences by broken glass, and can accurately test the temperature in a short time, is a good choice for home, office and travel.
Designed for babies, the temperature detection time is about 1 minute, the measurement accuracy is 0.1°C, with sound prompts and memory function.
Specification :
Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow
Size: 13 x 1.88cm
Battery: 1 x LR41
Measurement Time: About 60 Seconds
Measuring Range: 32 ℃ ~ 42.9 ℃
Allowable Error: 0.1 ℃ (37 ℃ ~ 39 ℃)
Automatic Shutdown Time: About 10 Minutes
Unit: °C / °F  (Press and hold the power button to switch during the off state)
How to use:
1. Before use, disinfect the thermometer sensor head with disinfection Alcohol
2.Press the power button, the buzzer will beep, and the prompt symbol will be displayed.
3. Then, the display shows the last measured temperature for 2 minutes, and then the ° C symbol on the display flashes, indicating that it is in the state to be measured
4. Put the thermometer sensor head into the water, the display shows that the temperature gradually rises. At the same time, the ° C symbol flashes, indicating that the measurement is in progress. If the temperature remains unchanged for 16 consecutive minutes, the ° C symbol stops blinking, indicating that the water temperature measurement is complete and the measurement result is memorized, and the displayed temperature value can be read.
5. After the measurement is completed, if the power is not pressed to turn off, it will automatically turn off after 8 minutes.
Package includes: 
1 * Electronic Thermometer

Flexible Tip Head Oral Thermometer Digital LCD Body Temperature Baby Child Adult

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