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5 resistance bands
Yellow (10 lbs), Purple/Blue (25lbs), Green (15 lbs), Black (30 lbs), Red (20 lbs)
How to Use It?
A typical use for resistance tube is to place under your feet while standing, hold the other end in one or both hands, and pull up against the tubes. This is the equivalent of a bicep curl with hand weights. A resistance tube with foam handles on either end can be held by the feet while seated on the ground it legs outstretched. Taking a handle in either hand, you pull both back and shoulder muscle to work the same muscle groups that a rowing machine would exercise.
(Total 11pcs)
5x tension tube
2x handle
2x foot protection
1x door buckle
1x storage bag

11 Piece Resistance Band Home Workout Set

(including GST)
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