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Feature :
These jumbo cleaning sponges are ideal for everyday cleaning around the home. 
They are highly absorbent meaning that they will clean up spills quickly but also hold a lot of water when cleaning your home.
They are perfect for cleaning items that require a softer cloth such as non-stick surfaces and benchtops.
They are the perfect size for cleaning your car and will cover a lot of surface area at once.
They are also great for bathroom cleaning and leave a lovely streak-free finish.
They are durable, reusable and long-lasting. 

COLOUR - Orange.
GENTLE - Won't scratch softer surfaces during cleaning.
HIGHLY ABSORBENT -  Clean up spills quickly and efficiently.
AFFORDABLE BULK PURCHASE - Stock up on these sponges now.

Package :
3PC Jumbo Sponge

3pc Washing Giant Jumbo Sponge Car Care Van Caravan Home Cleaning Dirt

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Last Purchase by: Manfred K
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