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Main Features
It will keep the phone secure and accessible in your sight, a solid metal buckle and secure tether will protect your phone from accident dropping. And no need to worry about the phone falling down or misplacing.

【 Free Your Hands 】
This versatile cross-body phone lanyard has three ways to wear it, cross-body lanyard strap only, shoulder strap only, and normal neck strap. You can free your hands up to have a hands-free conversation while you are busy.

【Fits All Mobile Phones】
15.7 inches to 27.6-inch adjustable
quick-release phone lanyard with universal grip patch designs for a
comfortable fit on using your phone on the go. An ideal cell phone
accessories for both men and women in daily life. Note: Not support half coverage phone case.

【 Not Block Charging Port 】
Ultra-thin tear-proof pads support corded and wireless charging without being removed. Completely unobstructed for the buttons and screen of the phone.

【 Comfortable And Durable 】
Made of anti-pulling tear-proof patches and soft skin-friendly Nylon to keep your phone secure and easily accessible at all times, it will not take any stress on your neck or shoulder.


Lanyard size:
Length: 160CM
Diameter: 6MM

Package Contents

Universal Crossbody Nylon Patch Phone Lanyards × 1


Universal Crossbody Nylon Patch Phone Lanyards Rope Mobile Phone Strap Lany P2

(including GST)
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Last Purchase by: Manfred K
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