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Product Description
Name: Padlock Shims
Material: stainless steel
Color: BluPadlock Shimse
Weight: 12.5 g
Quantity: 10 pieces
Padlock Shim Set of 10 Lock Opener Accessory Set - Without lock
Padlock washers are thin but stiff metal parts that are designed to take advantage of mechanical defects and tolerances in the locking construction of some common lock brands / models. In other words, padlock washers are a bypass tool and not a spike.
An easy way to open many padlocks is to use padlock washers. Our padlock washers are made from very thin spring steel and are available in different sizes to match the shape of the lock.
Simply push one between the reel and the body of the lock and rotate it to release the locking mechanism. Pretty smooth!
Delivery content:
10 pieces of padlock shims

10PCS Padlock Shim Set Key Unlocking Accessories Tool Kit Without Lock BLUE POW

(including GST)
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Last Purchase by: Wilfredo I
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