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Product Description
- Anywhere you want because it easy to install !!
- Works with any DC 10-30V, Best for Boat,Truck, RV Trailer, Lorry, Pickup,etc
- Each lamps contains 4 pieces of high power LED bulbs with brightness lighting output
Brand New Sealed light
Includes lead wires and Screws
Waterproof,Shock and Vibration Resistant
Removable housing makes easy installation
Black wire:Positive electrode
White wire:Negative electrode
Size:L:9.7 x 3.3 x 2cm (L x W x H)
Wire length: 25cm
Power : 1.5W
- Color: Red Green

Product Includes:
1x Red 1x Green Navigation LED Boat Lights

2PCS Red Green LED Boat Navigation Deck Waterproof 10-30V Bow Pontoon Lights

(including GST)
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