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Cervical and upper back traction device. Neck stretcher and upper back stretcher 2 in 1. 10 minutes a day with consistent use, it will efficiently on cervical posture correct, spine alignment, promote blood circulation and migraine relief.
Ergonomic design for cervical spine care. This neck traction device matches the curve of spine. When you lying on it, your neck will be suspended and your back will be supported. Under the effect of gravity, your neck will be stretched and your back will feel the acupuncture massage.
The upper back support area contains trigger points to offer simulated finger massage. 11 magnetic dots and 60 plastic pins that brings acupuncture effect by deeply pressing the specific acupoints. The sponge cushion in the center of the neck support device protects spine.
This neck stretcher and upper back stretcher has 4 height adjustable levels, suitable for all ages and various requirements. You could choose an ideal height to stretch and relax your neck, shoulders and upper back.
This neck recliner is made of ABS Plastic, It could bear up to 330lbs. However, this neck and shoulder relaxer is lightweight and portable, very convenient to use. Suitable for men and women use it at home, at the office chair, at GYM, in car or at yoga mat.

Neck and Upper Back Stretcher Cervical Traction Device for TMJ Neck Pain Relief

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