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Features:30 * 30cm/ 12 * 12in acoustic foams, pack of 12pcs.Ideal for controlling the reflections of sound within a small room.Let you have more enjoyable sound by effectively controlling unwanted reverb and echo.Suitable for recording studios, control rooms, offices, vocal booth, etc.Note: The acoustic foam may be a little deformed caused by compression packaging. Please place it for one day before usage.Specifications:Color: GrayMaterial: FoamThickness: 1-1.5cm / 0.4-0.6inItem Size: 30 * 30cm / 12 * 12in (single)Item Weight: 132g / 4.7oz (12pcs)Package List: I303112 * Acoustic Foams

12pcs Foam Panel Sound Stop Absorption Sponge Studio KTV Soundproof Pad 30 *30cm

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