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Security Camera Dummy Speed Dome Dummy Fake Camera IR LED CCTV Simulation indoor/outdoor camera red LED lights kept flashing Use 2 AA batteries Features: 1. Simulation indoor/outdoor camera1 2. Easy to use and install1 Parameter: Material: ABS Finish Color: Black colored plastic housing, transparent plastic cover1 Weight: 110g Camera Base: 95mm Diameter Camera Height: 65mm Mounting Method:  Two D holes with W slot Dome Material: Transparent polystyrene plastic Camera / Dome Rotation: 360L/R rotation Camera Angle:  Fixed 45 angle Camera Lens Diameter: 11mm black plastic lens Camera Activation: Continuous On/off Method: No need Power Source: No need     Package Content: 2 x Wood Screw 1 x Mounting Hardware Pack 1 1 x Simulation Spherical Camera

DUMMY SECURITY CAMERA Fake Dome Surveillance Flashing LED Wireless Imitation

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Last Purchase by: Rita L
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