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Product description
- Pagoda copper small ball valve small valve switch inside and outside the wire 1/4 release venting pipe - ball valve double head plug 8mm
- With a forged brass body, the lever handle's drain valve is closed. It can be directly connected to the air line and pneumatic tools.
- Self-locking design for easier use. Hand-tightening provides metal-to-metal seals Designed for residential, commercial water, oil or gas
- Installs in seconds: 1 ball water valve requires no special tools, no soldering, no crimping or glue. Push to connect design provides an efficient application that saves time and money. Just push to create a watertight seal
- Versatile: SharkBite ball valve plumbing fittings fit copper, pex, cpvc and pe-rt pipe and connects them in any combination,Lead free: made of high quality forged lead free dzr brass
- Material: copper
- Product detailed size: ball valve length: 48mm/1.89inch, horizontal handle size: 45x10mm/1.77x0.39inch
Package Includes:
1 Piece Full Port Ball Valve

Flameer 1/4 '' Water/Air Fuel Gas Line Closing 8mm Motorized Ball Valves Ordinar

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Last Purchase by: Rita L
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